Agrochemex International has a dedicated team responsible for conducting operator exposure studies throughout Europe and further afield. Key staff within this team have unrivalled experience having conducted >20 worker exposure studies in recent years, including both passive dosimetry and biomonitoring studies.
The team has worked with many of the major international agrochemical companies along with Task Force groups and the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) European Operator Exposure Monitoring (EOEM) Task Force.

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The Services

  • Study Director and Field Team
    Defined roles for field team (field observers, DFR sampling, field fortification, dosimeter sampling, etc.)
  • Study plan and field notebook preparation
    Pre-study “fact finding” trips to confirm procedures)
    • Operator selection
    • Pre-field analytical validation
    • Test item logistics
    • Monitored application with field observers
    Photographic documentation and detailed observation logs
    • Field fortification
    Trained technician in the field for each day of fortification
  • Exposure field sampling
    Experienced field sampling team. On-site freezer trailer.
  • Sample transport and chain of custody
    Dedicated frozen sample shipment within Europe
  • Sample analysis
    According to robust pre-validated methods
  •  Reporting                                                                                                           Fully integrated report with statistical evaluation.

With an experienced and flexible dedicated team lead by Andrew Wilson, AgroChemex International is ideally suited to being your partner for the conduct of these complex studies.