Glasshouse Studies

Glasshouses and Laboratory Facilities 

The glasshouse complex at AgroChemex provides a fully climate controlled state of the art research facility extending to around 1200 m2. The complex consists of six large and six smaller dedicated glasshouses; Of the larger houses, two are fully benched (600 m2), three are open plan (450 m2) and the other houses our rain simulation tower. The smaller newly installed glasshouses offer a flexible contained space which can be tailored to meet the demands of the study.

Controlled Environment

To complement the glasshouses we have two large controlled environment chambers where the climate can be extensively manipulated in order to mimic specific climatic zones. Day length and light intensity may be varied, together with temperature (-10 to +40oC) and humidity. We have used the facility for various studies ranging from the assessment phytotoxicity of compounds applied to wheat under freezing conditions, to the performance of materials on citrus species.

Glasshouse Studies

At AgroChemex we conduct a comprehensive range of efficacy, selectivity and residue studies. This includes insecticide, fungicide and herbicide studies in the glasshouse complex. We can work with a wide range of crops and ornamentals. The following studies demonstrate the type of programmes undertaken:

  • Determination of foliar and soil applied No Effect Levels
  • Baseline sensitivity to active ingredients on collected populations
  • Vegetative vigour tests on terrestrial non target plants
  • Resistance screening of collected populations
  • Efficacy, phytoxicity and rainfastness of formulations, seed treatment germination tests (including effects of long-term storage)
  • Radiolabelled plant metabolism studies
  • Fertiliser and micro-nutrient efficacy
  • Assessments of planting media

Laboratory Facilities

Immediately adjacent to the glasshouses and controlled environment chambers are a suite of three laboratories and the Mardrive cabinet sprayer. The laboratories are dedicated to specific tasks such as the preparation of experimental materials and chemical samples, or the assessment of sampled materials.