Multi Site Studies

With offices in the United Kingdom and Spain, in addition to an established network of experienced field co-operators (Field Principal Investigators), AgroChemex International is ideally placed to perform field studies in most of the major countries throughout Europe. All our field co-operators have fully documented training in the use of the relevant AgroChemex International SOP’s. The use of a single set of SOP’s offers a unique opportunity to perform multi-site field studies according to standardised field procedures.
All field raw data is recorded in a standardised format using AgroChemex International field notebooks and returned to the United Kingdom for centralised reporting by the Study Directors.

Key aspects for successful performance of multi-site studies:

  • Experienced Study Directors and Principal Investigators
  • Lead QA function
  • Network of trained field co-operators across Europe
  • Single set of AgroChemex Int’l. field SOPs
  • AgroChemex Int’l. designed study notebooks
  • AgroChemex Int’l. designed software for complete chain of custody of samples
  • Organisation and communication skills
  • Centralised reporting and archiving with an experienced and flexible team of Study Directors, Principal Investors, Lead Quality Assurance and analytical support lead by Andrew Wilson, AgroChemex International is ideally suited to being your partner for the conduct of multi-site field studies.