Rainfall Simulation

A bespoke Rainfall Simulator is installed at AgroChemex for use in a variety of studies. Over the past 10 years we have developed our expertise in this area and we are happy to utilise this knowledge in the design of studies.

Rainfall is a complex process. As such it requires complex apparatus if it is to be accurately simulated. Five key parameters must be considered when considering the patterns of natural rainfall:

  1. Total quantity
  2. Intensity
  3. Droplet size spectrum, VMD, NMD and span
  4. Impact velocity of the droplets at the target
  5. Trajectory of droplets in relation to the target

The AgroChemex simulator operates in accordance with these variables. Through an effective ulitisation of two rain generating atomiser systems incorporating spinning disc and conventional nozzle technology, combined with a height adjustable rotating turntable, we are able to accurately simulate a wide range of different rainfall patterns, from light mist or drizzle through to tropical downpours. Just as important, the rainfall patterns are also reproducible.

This world class simulator was designed and built by Bayer’s International Applications Technology Group. It has a wide range of uses from foliar studies such as those investigating pesticide and adjuvant rainfastness through to soil based studies examining areas such as fertiliser dissolution, pesticide movement, performance of soil wetting agents and even soil or substrate erosion. Leaching and run off of biocides can also be examined.

Integrated Approach

We always maximise the quality of the studies conducted using the rainfall simulator through our ability to produce quality plant and soil target material and the ability to apply the study products or compounds in an appropriate way utilising specialist equipment, such as the Mardrive spray cabinet. Studies can be conducted in line with developing international standards and will be GLP compliant.

Our ability to conduct rainfall studies with radio-labelled materials can also be an important consideration for some clients