Top Fruit and Vine R & D

At AgroChemex we are fortunate, at the research station, to have a significant area of orchards, linking the site back to its early origins as a fruit farm.

Vine studies

The station’s vineyard is unique within UK independent research stations. Key diseases include botrytis and powdery mildew facilitating fungicide work. Herbicide and selectivity studies may also be undertaken as can studies examining fruit set.

Top Fruit studies

The research station has sizable established orchards of apples, pears and damsons. a number of varieties are available –
Apples – Golden Delicious, Red Devil, Gala, Discovery, Scrumptious

Pears – Concord, Conference

A specific area of our expertise is whole tree plant metabolism studies, particularly using radio-labelled materials. Specialist equipment is utilised to enable treatment of the whole tree without contamination of the surrounding crop or environment.

The orchards are ideal for residue and efficacy trials on fungicides, especially for apple and pear scab, and insecticides assessment, for example, codling moth. Further facilities, especially for insecticide work, are also available on a nearby satellite site.

Crop selectivity trials and work on growth regulators can also be conducted