Physicochemical Properties

At AgroChemex Environmental, we can offer the following routine physicochemical properties testing:

       Appearance (colour, physical state and odour)

       Spectra (UV/Visible (OECD 101), IR, MS * and NMR *)

       Melting/Freezing Temperature – OECD 102

       Boiling Temperature – OECD 103

       Relative Density – OECD 109

       Vapour Pressure – OECD 104

       Surface Tension – OECD 115

       Water Solubility (shake flask and column elution methods) – OECD 105

       Partition Coefficient (shake flask, HPLC and slow stir methods) – OECD 107/117/123

       Solvent Solubility

       Dissociation Constant – OECD 112

       Thermal Stability – OECD 113

       Viscosity – OECD 114

       pH, acidity and alkalinity – OECD 122

       Hydrolysis as a function of pH – OECD 111

       Flash point – EC A.9

       Flammability – EC A.10

       Flammability (contact with water) – EC A.12

       Pyrophoric Properties – EC A.13

       Explosive Properties – EC A.14 *

       Auto-ignition Temperature (Liquid) – EC A.15 *

       Relative Self-Ignition Temperature (Solid) – EC A.16 *

       Oxidising Properties (Solid) – EC A.17

       Oxidising Properties (Liquid) – EC A.21 *

       Particle Size Distribution – sieving and laser diffraction methods

Tests marked (*) are subcontracted to established partners

For tests requiring analysis of test solutions, then suitable analytical method validation would be conducted as part of the testing procedure.

In addition we can offer a comprehensive list of procedures to satisfy CIPAC miscellaneous techniques, EPA specific testing and other such parameters. If a specific test is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact to discuss our capabilities.