Laboratory Services

In addition AgroChemex offer a range of complementary laboratory services. Our years of experience within the industry enable us to design studies to answer specific client questions.

Laboratory Facilities

We offer a range of services including:

  • Physical compatibility testing of agrochemicals, surfactants/ adjuvants, trace elements and liquid fertilisers
  • Agrochemical ‘Jar’ Tests
  • Contract seed treatment (experimental samples)
  • Seed treatment loading and coverage analysis
  • Germination testing
  • Drill flowability assessments
  • Multiplication of disease inoculum for artificial inoculation
  • Assessment of third-party plant material
  • Application equipment assessment and calibration
  • Nozzle behaviour and spray drift investigation

Strategic Partnerships with many Contract Labs

Our relationships extend our range of services to include physical-chemical testing, analysis of chemical samples and plant materials, ecotoxicology and lab based environmental fate studies.